Yamaha B1 Upright Piano


A compact upright with a positive, melodic tone and responsive touch – for the equivalent cost of the average second-hand piano. It’s clear to appreciate why the Yamaha B1 is so popular as a safe bet for a beginner’s piano. A genuine Yamaha piano, brand new and easy to accomodate.

In Stock

  • Brand
  • Yamaha
  • Model
  • B1
  • Series
  • Yamaha B Series
  • Type
  • Upright Pianos
  • Size
  • 109cm
  • Condition
  • New
  • Pedals
  • 3
  • Keys
  • 88
  • Dimensions
  • H: 109cm - W: 149cm - L: 54cm
  • Weight
  • 193kg
  • Our Price
  • £3,380
  • Availability
  • In Stock

Buy the Yamaha B1 Upright Piano with Venables Pianos and receive complimentary benefits for added value and assurance:

  • PreparationVenables are highly-regarded for our piano preparation standards. Full regulation, pedal adjustment, voicing and fine tuning ensures peak performance of your piano before despatch. Bespoke adjustments? No problem.
  • DeliveryPrompt delivery from stock by our expert piano moving teams (mainland UK, easy access, excl. stairs).
  • StoolSolo, height adjustable piano stool of sturdy build with wide range of adjustment.
  • TuningOur after-sale technician network assures you of a local tuner technician to visit for a complementary tuning 4-8 weeks post-delivery (mainland UK).
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Yamaha B1 Upright Piano

A very compact upright designed and built by Yamaha with a clean, melodic and positive tone. Near in price to many similar size modern-style uprights of inferior makes or second hand, the B1 is clearly a great choice when keeping the cost down, enjoying benefits of new and having confidence in the Yamaha brand.

This has to be one of the most popular pianos where delivery access and room space are a concern. Free from pillar legs, this modern-style piano takes up less space visually – and physically when it is negotiating a tight corner or staircase!

The laminated soundboard is made of 3 plies of soundboard-grade spruce producing a stable and resonant tone whilst maintaining a low price. Our B series customers are delighted with their pianos and piano technicians who maintain these pianos at schools have reported excellent tuning stability and impressive overall durability in these testing applications. Remember, a solid spruce soundboard is not essential and there are many pianos with solid soundboards that don’t compete with the clarity in tone of this piano.

The Yamaha B2E offers a slight improvement in tone and also features a traditional style cabinet (legs & castors).

If we may voice opinion: We suggest a taller upright (around 120cm) if budget and space permit. The tenor & bass will be fuller in tone and the touch will be more responsive. This is not a critisism of the quality of the Yamaha B1 at all – but an honest observation due only to the compact dimensions – which are otherwise an advantage on cost, space / delivery access!

The B1 will do all you ask: being a full-size keyboard, 3 pedal and responsive, with proven geometry and materials. But, of course, there are better pianos available which may be more inspiring and excel where greater expression and range are needed. Such qualities will be desired further on and so we offer a buy back guarantee (full purchase price refunded, less the VAT) on this piano if you upgrade to a better new upright with us. Subject to satisfactory condition.

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