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Yamaha B3E Upright Piano


Yamaha B3E Upright Piano

At 121 cm high, the Yamaha b3 is the largest and most tonally rich of the b Series range. It enjoys the additional strength and performance benefits of five back posts, supporting a specially selected, solid spruce soundboard.

The b3 offers optimum tonal characteristics within a cost-effective and stable structure.


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Buy the Yamaha B3E Upright Piano with Venables Pianos and receive complimentary benefits for added value and assurance:

High standard regulation, voicing, pedal adjustment, tuning and check before despatch. Custom intonation included (warm, neutral, clear).

Solo, height adjustable piano stool of sturdy build with wide range of adjustment.

Our after-sale technician network assures you of a local tuner technician to visit for a complementary tuning 4-8 weeks post-delivery (mainland UK).

Prompt delivery from stock by our expert piano moving teams (mainland UK, easy access, excl. stairs).

Yamaha B3E enjoys physics on its side, as well as an excellent action and scale. This piano will perform to a decent standard in tone, range and feel – as the Yamaha B3E has longer strings and greater soundboard area (vs. B1, B2E, P116).

All this piano has in common with the B1 is that it is made by Yamaha in their Jakarta (Indonesia) factory. The rest is directly from the current spec. Professional U1 and P121.

Looking at all 3 models in the B series, the Yamaha B3E delivers the greatest improvement between B1-B2E-B3E and as such, the Yamaha B3E is worth every pound over its siblings.

A much better option than the an example of what has become a glut of refurbished 70’s-80’s U1 which are of earlier and inferior design. Remember, this model is based directly on the current (best) U1 design and is therefore more similar to the current U1 than a pre-1999 U1 can possibly be.

If you want a refinement beyond what is already a great piano, in fair reach – the New Yamaha P121 is an excellent choice to consider.

Select the Yamaha B3E with absolute confidence. It is a very capable piano and represents astonishing value.

Our “No Drop Shipping” Promise

When buying from Venables Pianos, we provide our all important “No Drop Shipping” Promise. We will “know your piano” before you receive it.

  1. Your piano will arrive with us from Yamaha – if not already in store – and we will carefully test and check each component
  2. full inspection of cabinet
  3. regulate (adjust the keyboard, action and pedal mechanism for optimum touch),
  4. voice (adjust the hammers for an even and responsive tone) – even on a bespoke level (warm, neutral, clear)
  5. and of course tune this piano before delivery.

This work is in addition to the standard manufacturer’s factory and pre-dealer despatch “preparation”. The difference is remarkable and assures you of quality control and instrument preparation we are proud to put our name to.

It is unfortunate that due to the low profit of the lower priced pianos and trading models of music stores that the assumed trust in the Yamaha brand means high volume low margin sales with corners cut. Once the piano is in your home, a freelance piano technician would likely charge over £320 to provide the technical attention we deliver in all our pianos here. To instruct Yamaha Music Europe GMBH (UK)’ appointed piano carriers to deliver directly to you saves the cost of delivery to you from the store, omits any quality control and piano prep operations by the store, and ultimately a false economy. New acoustic pianos are not ‘boxed appliances’ and regardless of brand reputation for quality and uniformity, it is simply impossible to deliver the same standard of piano to your home whilst bypassing traditional piano store service.

  • Brand
  • Yamaha
  • Model
  • B3E
  • Series
  • Yamaha B Series
  • Type
  • Upright Pianos
  • Size
  • 121cm
  • Condition
  • New
  • Pedals
  • 3
  • Keys
  • 88
  • Weight
  • 237kg
  • Dimensions
  • W:152cm | H:121cm | L:62cm
  • Our Price
  • £6,054£6,457
  • Availability
  • In Stock
Based on 21 reviews
Mark M
I didn’t buy a piano at the time because my plans have been uncertain for a while and it looks like I have to relocate soon but Chris was so attentive and accommodating that I plan to buy from him as soon as I am in a position to. Top notch service and expertise. Preparation is absolutely immaculate and to your taste if you choose to ask for it. Legendary attention to detail if you are buying - what else do you need to know?
Ian Howlett
I bought a Yamaha YUS5 upright in 2013, and ten years on it’s still going strong, and is playing better than ever, with the tone developing nicely. The service I received at the time was fantastic, including having the showroom to myself to evaluate the pianos. The piano was set up perfectly, which probably helps to explain why I’ve had ten years of trouble-free enjoyment of an excellent instrument. Highly recommended.
I've a piano finish speaker sent to Venables Pianos seeking for their help to repair it. They finished in two weeks and the damaged corners are like new now. Really professional and responsible.
Nathan Sealy
Superb personal service. Couldn't recommend them more.
Leon Ashman
Friendly Family business.
Linda Bitvus
I have just purchased a Venables baby grand piano and am absolutely delighted with the service I have received.In the showroom I was allowed to play all the pianos freely and was given lots of helpful advice. The delivery was excellent and I am a very happy customer.Thank you very much.
Andrew B
I purchased a Yamaha B3 silent from here 6 years ago and it is still a fantastic instrument. The customer service, help and advice given by Will and the team was exceptional.