Servicing acoustic and hybrid pianos. Education, Domestic and Commercial piano servicing to upright, grand, silent and Disklavier self-play pianos. Servicing excludes repairs and materials which will be quoted for during the service and offered as necessary where possible.


Vacuum out, basic regulate, lubricate high friction areas, adjust pedals, voicing.


Vacuum out, wipe down frame and soundboard, reshape hammers, clean action with compressor, clean key tops, lubricate high friction areas, tighten action screws, regulate, adjust pedals, voicing.


Vacuum out, wipe down frame and soundboard, reshape hammers, clean action with compressor, clean cabinet, clean key tops, scrape sides naturals and blacken sides sharps, polish and lubricate balance rail pins, size/ease balance holes, polish and lubricate capstans, lubricate high friction areas, full regulate – (including level and dip keys, repetition springs, jack height and position), travel cast space hammers, adjust pedals, voicing, unacorda voicing.

Hybrid servicing (Silent and Disklavier Self-Play Pianos)

Available as above with requirement to remove and refit sensor units and calibrate post regulation.

Repairs, Materials, Partial Reconditioning

Joints in the action referred to as ‘centres’ may be sluggish or overly free and require repining. String replacement, hammer shanks and flanges, action levers, replacement felts are typical repairs required and may be carried out onsite. The action and/or keyboard may be taken away to our workshop facilities for more comprehensive repairs applying to a full set such as re-centering the hammer flanges or jacks, re-felting keyframe, re-bushing keys, replacing grand hammer shank rollers, replacing damper felts, hanging new hammers. Typically we will take string height readings to replicate at our workshop bench and re-regulate here after repairs to the action and before returning to then refit to the piano and fine regulate as necessary onsite. Installing a new set of bass strings or re-stringing the top 2 sections can be carried out onsite but over a period of days.

Scratched, dull or chipped gloss finish?

Comprehensive Piano Cabinet refinishing and repair service on polyester high gloss finishes.

If your car is in better shape than your grand piano… you need our exemplary piano detailing service!