Yamaha U3S Upright Piano


Strong bass, rich tenor and clear treble with a wide dynamic range make this understandably a hit for those wanting a really responsive piano with a bold tone. Whilst potentially loud, the Yamaha U3S’ action makes for an easier pianissimo and therefore resulting in a highly expressive experience.

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Yamaha U3S Upright Piano

The Yamaha U3S is the industry-standard upright piano for serious piano study. Famed the World over, the U3 is a piano requiring little introduction to the trade and music academies. Tall uprights have longer keys internally, so the touch will be more responsive. Longer strings and greater soundboard area ensure a fuller tone.

This is the first Yamaha upright piano variant at full height (131cm) representing great value and a true benchmark in professional standard.

In place of the typical muffler pedal, the U3S middle pedal is ‘sostenuto’. Like a grand piano middle pedal, Sostenuto is for selective note/chord sustain. This is a key reason for this instrument being so highly respected in practise rooms in school music departments.

This piano includes our expert piano preparation assuring you of excellent performance and reliability. Buy your New Yamaha U3S from Venables Pianos.

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