Getting to know you

Knowing more about you helps us give you better advice. It’s personal, which is why we choose to be free from having an online store.

At our Showroom

Make an informal appointment to visit our showrooms and try a comprehensive range of pianos over 2 floors, with exclusive showroom time – without the disturbance of other clients. Place your order there and then, or telephone later, paying a deposit by card. If you would like us to make any fine adjustments to your selected piano to your preference, just ask – we may even be able to do this ‘while-you-wait’.

Via Telephone

Discuss your requirements and options in detail with us. As experienced piano technicians and Yamaha specialists since 1981, we can best advise you and ensure you make the right choice.

Place your order with a deposit by card, and we will send an invoice confirming your order. When the piano is prepared and a delivery date has been confirmed, the balance is then payable by debit card (Visa Debit/Maestro), Transfer (BACS / CHAPS) or you can send a cheque to clear (allow a week before delivery).