Yamaha C3X Grand Piano


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A very versatile instrument capable of mimicking larger pianos and yet being a suitable size for a wide range of environments. Yamaha’s C3X is a hugely popular grand piano and is featured in many music conservatoires Worldwide.

Enjoy a vibrant, colourful, orchestral tone with a wide dynamic range and fast, precise action.

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  • Brand
  • Yamaha
  • Model
  • C3X
  • Series
  • Yamaha CX Series (Conservatoire)
  • Type
  • Grand Pianos
  • Size
  • 6'1"
  • Condition
  • New
  • Pedals
  • 3
  • Keys
  • 88
  • Dimensions
  • H: 101cm - W: 149cm - L: 186cm
  • Weight
  • 320kg
  • Our Price
  • £26,694
  • Availability
  • In Stock

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Yamaha C3X Grand Piano

The Yamaha C3X 6’1″ Conservatoire grand piano is the latest incarnation of what has to be the most popular 6′ grand in the World. Really, the famous Yamaha C3 “Conservatory Grand” needs little introduction… except on this occasion,¬†the newly developed C3X does.

It’s quite different to the familiar C3. It does what the C3 did before, only better. Much better.

The soundboard crown is supported in a new way which enhances the resonance; the strings and hammer felt are upgraded and both the pianos back-beam and bridge have been widened. It isn’t marketing. The new Yamaha C3X really has had an overhaul!

There is a warmer and more fluid¬†quality that wasn’t there before. Some C3s were quite aggressive. Punchy, powerful, projecting pianos; excellent workhorses; very functional – only they lacked personality and refinement.

The bass is less brassy and there is more emphasis on the fundamental tone. In the tenor, there is more range and depth, but the bright colours come through very well and the treble has good sustain and projection without being harsh.

The tone retains its clarity at stronger levels, and with the action just so responsive, the C3X gives great control. A very versatile instrument capable of mimicking larger pianos and yet being a suitable size for a wide range of environments, including where a piano mustn’t shout.

With our high level preparation, this piano can do some great things and may very well be your perfect partner. Ask us what you need your next piano to do.

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