Yamaha P121

Yamaha P121 - Yamaha Piano
Yamaha P121

New Yamaha P121 Upright Piano

Yamaha P121 is a sensibly-priced quality practise instrument ideal for the home and school alike built with high grade materials and based on a professional series model.

The P121 is clear, has great sustain, vibrant bass and is very expressive. Designed exclusively for the European market, the Yamaha P121 is a classic styled upright piano for the home.

  • Brand
  • Yamaha
  • Class
  • Upright
  • Series
  • Yamaha P Series
  • Size
  • 121cm
  • Condition
  • New
  • Guide Price
  • £7,037 Call for our best offer
  • Availability
  • In Stock

Yamaha P121 piano review

The Yamaha P121 is one of our best-selling upright pianos. Inheriting the design and material quality from the same height “industry-standard” Yamaha U1, yet with a classic-styled cabinet more suited to the European market, the Yamaha P121 is a sensibly-priced quality practise instrument ideal for the home and school alike.

Initially built in England alongside the U1n (in wood finish only), at what was the Yamaha-Kemble factory in Bletchley, the P121 was a surprise to us when launched in 2002. Already familiar and very happy indeed with the wood-veneered English U1-n, we could not believe the similarity in the newly-launched P121. The only differences we found were the cabinet style, omition of soft-close fallboard and lock. The keyboard, action, frame, bridge, soundboard, backposts and hammers were identical and as such, so was the performance.

Production of English-built Yamaha pianos along with Kemble-branded models moved to Yamaha’s already excelling Jakarta piano factory in Indonesia. Whilst this was sad and marked the end of English piano production, the new examples from Yamaha Jakarta were very well received and represented the same quality of build and finish – avoiding a hike in price as would otherwise have been required.

Is the P121 inferior to the Japan-built U1?

We do need to spend a little more time in preparation, optimising the tone and touch vs New U1, but the results are excellent. The hammers are slightly different, but are the same as originally used with the English-built P121 and U1n models. Very similar overall performance to between P121 and U1 when equally prep’d. We guarantee to prepare your new P121 to its very best.

Is the P121 superior to the Jakarta-built B3E – which is the same size and of course from the same plant?

Yes: whilst the BE3 uses the same hammers, action, keyboard, frame and back-design as the P121 – the P121 features a maple bridge (as per the U1) vs the B3E’s beech bridge. Whilst both models have solid quarter-sawn soundboards, the P121 uses exclusively Bavarian spruce and the annual-rings are much tighter. The P121 is clear, has great sustain, vibrant bass and is very expressive. Frankly, all the benefits of owning a brand new piano close in price to a used recent U1, and without compromise.

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