It’s Personal

We prepare our pianos to a very high standard. This means that whichever piano you choose to buy, it will feel responsive, have a beautifully even tone and be reliable. All piano buyers will appreciate and benefit from our skill.

Being a family business means we genuinely care about our customers’ experience because we naturally value the family business history, reputation and future.

Buying a piano is a matter of personal choice, value and enrichment. The service you receive from initial enquiry, selection of piano, delivery and aftersales are all equally important.

Yamaha Pianos
Yamaha Pianos have a clear, vibrant tone with a wide dynamic range and strong projection.
Venables & Son Pianos
Venables & Son Pianos are our bespoke piano series with a lyrical, warm tone and rounded bass.
Petrof Pianos
Petrof Pianos have a dark bass, flexible tenor and crystalline treble. Respected as the “romantic tone”.

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Yamaha Piano Dealers since 1981

We have been committed dealers for Yamaha Pianos since 1981. Our long standing relationship means we work closely with Yamaha to ensure outstanding product knowledge, supply and customer relations. Our technical experience with Yamaha upright and grand acoustic pianos means we can provide in-depth advice and guidance when choosing a piano. Literally, we know Yamaha Pianos inside out and this goes back a long way!

Yamaha Piano Showroom

You will find our Yamaha piano showroom in Hampshire well-stocked with the top picks of current new Yamaha pianos. Typically we will display upright models from the B (entry), P (domestic/European) , U (professional) and YUS custom series. Grands will be G / GC (baby grand) and CX (conservatoire) series. We are experts in Silent, Transacoustic and Disklavier Enspire (self-play) pianos with unrivaled history in supply to private, education, commercial and hospitality markets.

Often, we will have the following pianos ready for you to try and buy! Yamaha B1, B1SC2 Silent, B2E, B3E; P121, P121SH2 Silent; U1, U3S, U3SH2 Silent; YUS5 upright pianos. Yamaha GB1K, DGC1EN Disklavier Enspire, C1X, C2X, C3X grand pianos.

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