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Welcome to Yamaha Piano's top piano dealership specialising in upright pianos, baby grand pianos and grand pianos at low prices!

Piano House

What makes us unique?

Piano House is conveniently situated in the historic market town of Ringwood (the gateway to the New Forest) on the Hampshire/Dorset/Wiltshire borders. Just 1h 15m from London (M3), our leading UK piano shop on 2 floors has a wide range of quality new pianos and second-hand pianos including grand pianos, baby grand pianos and upright pianos for sale.

Will Venables (son)

Will Venables

Because we are skilled piano technicians, you are assured of receiving honest, technically-accurate piano buying advice, market-leading piano service and we will prepare your piano to suit your preference, how it will be used and the acoustics of your home.

Plus, I am sure you will be very pleased to find that we will save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds off the list prices! And we do this without cutting any corners... we are a traditional piano showroom on 2 floors with private parking and we want you to visit us to select your piano!

Please... have a browse!

Yamaha CF4 & Yamaha CF6 Premium Handcrafted Grand Pianos

Yamaha CF4 and CF6 premium grand pianos

The long-awaited new CF series pianos from Yamaha are in our new Premium Grand Piano Showroom for you to experience NOW!

Venables are the first piano house in the UK to display both a CF4 and a CF6 ready for you to experience!

With very limited availability, these exquisite pianos are designed and crafted to the absolute highest standard for the most discerning pianist.

Experience colour, depth and sustain - unheard in any other piano. Experience precision, responsiveness and articulation, unfelt in any other piano. These really are the finest pianos in the World and must be experienced to even begin to understand how touching a piano can be today.

Contact us today to be one of the first in the UK to experience Yamaha CF Series premium hand-crafted grand pianos. Talk to Chris or Will Venables (01425 476644) to find out more.

Artur Pizarro recital and masterclass at Venables Pianos

Artur Pizarro

Artur Pizarro

On Saturday 16th March, the state-of-the-art new Premium Grand Piano Showroom at Chris Venables Pianos in Ringwood was transformed into an intimate and exclusive concert venue where Artur Pizarro educated, performed and entertained a select audience, comprising pianists and those appreciative of classical piano. Artur Pizarro performed courtesy of Yamaha who chose Chris Venables Pianos to host the event, after they became the first piano dealer in the country to stock both of the company's luxurious new CF4 and CF6 Premium Handcrafted Grand Pianos. Artur Pizarro performed using both of the new Premium Handcrafted Grand Pianos that take pride of place at Chris Venables Pianos for the evening concert.

Yamaha also offered the unique opportunity for pianists above Grade 5 standard to be chosen personally by Artur Pizarro to participate as one of four pianists in the master class.

Throughout Saturday 16th March experts from Yamaha were on hand to offer advice and those attending took advantage of some exclusive offers including special deals to upgrade their existing piano.


pianos by yamaha

Yamaha Pianos

In recent years, Yamaha Piano has recognised the demand for the consistency Yamaha are famous for, but with more 'character' and depth in tone. The new SE series uprights and CX Series grands really are quite special and yet they remain quite moderately-priced given how well they perform. The high-end Yamaha Premium Pianos are the finest pianos available today: the SU7 upright and CF4, CF6 and CFX grands are superb in every respect.

We especially recommend the Yamaha B3E, P121, U3SQ, YUS5, SE122 and SU7 Yamaha upright pianos, the GB1K and GC1M Yamaha baby grands, C2X, C3X and C6X Yamaha grand pianos. We keep these models in stock as standard. The excellent Yamaha Silent pianos and Yamaha Disklavier pianos are also kept in stock - again, being the best in their class.

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pianos by venables & son

Venables & Son Pianos

Venables & Son pianos are something very close to our hearts. Having secured a highly efficient and precise piano manufacturing facility to build a select line of upright and grand pianos to 'our' specification, all our knowledge and expertise in piano components and design, comes to life in the development of our exclusive Venables & Son piano range. Unique design, material selection and build quality - finished by us personally in Ringwood, Hampshire - results in a soft, rounded tone that, until now, has not been available at such affordable prices.

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pianos - upright pianos

Upright Pianos

Upright Pianos are efficient pianos maximising string length and soundboard area within a compact instrument. Taller models sound better, for a fuller tone in the bass and lower mid registers. Tall upright pianos (over 120cm) have a more reponsive and balanced feel, with greater length to keys and action height (more leverage).

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pianos - baby grand pianos

Baby Grand Pianos

Baby Grand Pianos are visually stunning instruments that are highly desirable. Usually between 4'6" - 5'10", baby grands are very easy to accomodate. The tone of a baby grand is delicate and ideally suited to a medium size living space. Whilst the bass is usually less full than a tall upright, the upper mid and treble sections are often very smooth, melodic and more rounded than uprights. The baby grand piano provides the player with a more repsonsive and articulate touch (faster playing) through the roller grand action, which is far superior than upright piano actions.

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pianos - grand pianos

Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos are the pinnacle of acoustic pianos. Ranging from 6'-9' in length, they produce a balanced tone that is more 'true' than their baby grand and upright piano relations. Grand pianos offer very wide dynamic range, a deeper bass and rich mid register. Longer keys for greater leverage result in a further refinement in touch. 9'grand pianos are 'concert grands' which are built for concert halls and will be too loud for a domestic environment. 6'-7' are the most popular sizes of grand piano for the home, small halls, music colleges and recording studios.

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pianos - acoustic pianos

Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic Pianos are traditional pianos (upright, baby grand and grand pianos). The acoustic piano works by the keyboard controling the action, which projects the hammers to the strings. The strings, which are mounted to an iron frame press onto a wooden bridge which conducts the string resonance into the soundboard (timber diaphragm) which amplifies the tone. The term 'acoustic piano' is used to signify that the piano is not electronic / digital.

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pianos - Yamaha Disklavier player pianos

Player Pianos - Yamaha Disklavier Pianos

Player Pianos (Yamaha Disklavier Pianos) are self-playing-pianos / automated pianos that play by themselves. Inspired by the early pianola player pianos - Yamaha Disklavier Pianos (first launched in 1986) are far more advanced in expressive ability, user interaction and without the use of piano rolls. Yamaha Disklavier pianos use highly articulate solenoids to power the keys and pedals - incorporate record function so the player can record and playback. Current systems feature a Direct Internet Connection for firmware updates and streaming music 'radio' service. The ultimate entertainment system whilst being a truly natural piano in every respect.

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pianos - Yamaha Silent pianos

Silent Pianos - Yamaha Silent Pianos

Silent Pianos (Yamaha Silent Pianos) are real acoustic Yamaha upright or grand pianos with the added benefit of being able to stop the hammers from striking the strings to silence the piano. Highly sensitive sensors in the keys and pedals trigger Concert Grand Piano sound samples as a digital piano via headphones for 'Silent' practise. The Yamaha Silent Piano is one of the most significant developments in the piano industry enabling the advantages of owning a real piano whilst enjoying the privacy of being able to practise with headphones.

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