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Yamaha C5X

Yamaha C5X

New Yamaha C5X Grand Piano

Yamaha C5X is a 6’7″ chamber grand piano with a darker tone characteristic, making it that bit more interesting and capable than the C3X.

It is especially suited for use in chamber work, accompaniment, small solo performance rooms, studios and the larger home.

£32,943 £27,563

Yamaha C5X piano review

The Yamaha C5X 6’7″ chamber grand piano takes the qualities of the more popular C3X and adds more depth and warmth to its lower registers. Whilst representing a subtle refinement, the C5X does bring a darker tone characteristic that makes it that bit more interesting and capable.

Yamaha’s C5X is more akin to the C3X than the C6X – so don’t be under the illusion than its half way there. If you need what a C6X does, then you need to step up to it. If you like all that is good about the C3X but can accommodate a larger version, the C5X will reward you with a fuller and warmer tone, most noticeable in the bass.

C5X’s popularity is not a patch on its siblings either side, as they both represent thresholds in performance and offer wider versatility for their budget, size and performance. But, the Yamaha C5X hasn’t done anything wrong, it is sitting in a specialist category where those who need this instrument are just not as many as others.

C5X is a great piano and we are rather fond of it. It is especially suited for use in chamber work, accompaniment, small solo performance rooms, studios and the larger home.

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