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Yamaha B2E

Yamaha B2E

New Yamaha B2E Upright Piano

Yamaha B2E is a tempting proposition of affordable new Yamaha piano ownership.

Combining compact and traditional-styling – this model will suit both contemporary and traditional environments.

The Yamaha B2E has a positive and melodic tone with a little more warmth than its little brother, the B1.

£4,260 £3,811

Yamaha B2E piano review

The Yamaha B2E is a compact traditional style upright piano. Competitively-priced and aesthetically pleasant, B2E offers a moderate improvement in tone over the B1, mainly due to the improved soundboard and greater mass in cabinet structure. However, the keyboard and action are the same as the B1, so there is no improvement in touch.

November 2013: Yamaha B2 became new Yamaha B2E featuring a solid spruce soundboard as standard vs 3-ply laminated.

As with all things, there is a bigger, better option – of course commanding a higher price! It is fair to mention, if a further improvement is of consideration for a fair premium, we are big fans of the taller and much better Yamaha B3E. The B3E looks, sounds and feels both better and more different to the B1/B2E models. Otherwise, there is little else to consider as the Yamaha B2E is a tempting proposition of affordable new Yamaha piano ownership with a fusion of compact and traditional-styling, with a positive and melodic tone.

Buy the Yamaha B2E at Venables Pianos and receive, free of charge:

  • Lowest Yamaha B2E Price Promise Venables Pianos provide a Lowest Price Promise to assure you of our best Yamaha B2E price and effort to match or beat another like-for-like offer (terms apply)
  • FREE Elite Piano Preparation Precision regulation, bespoke voicing, pedal adjustment and fine tuning of your piano by us personally before despatch. In fact, we believe you will own one of the finest-prepared Yamaha B2Es in the country.
  • FREE Delivery and Installation Careful and courteous delivery service by our professional moving teams. (surcharge applies for stairs, complex access, non-mainland UK).
  • FREE Onsite Tuning and Check Allowing time to settle 4-8 weeks after delivery our local aftercare technician will fine tune and check your Yamaha B2E piano.
  • FREE Klassik adjustable piano stool A solo, height adjustable piano stool with a quality padded seat, ensures comfort and correct posture at your new piano.
  • FREE 5 year guarantee Your new Yamaha B2E will have a comprehensive guarantee, covering parts and labour. (2yrs on electronics where applicable i.e. silent/disklavier).

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