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Hotels, restaurants, wedding venues and cruise liners all benefit immensely from our expertise in commercial supply of pianos to the hospitality sector. Operating leases, event hire and piano upgrade schemes empower Venables Pianos with a wealth of attractive solutions to enrich the experience for your guests and heighten your facility profile.

Grand Presence

Many high end restaurants and boutique hotels pride themselves in their unique appeal and individuality. Scouring for interior themes to make a statement, a piano could be overlooked – yet nothing compares to grandness of a piano.

The visual presence of a grand, especially in a hotel lobby or restaurant add class and personality. Pianos literally transform environments in both acoustic and aesthetic presence. Imagine hosting regular events to draw appeal to your venue. Perhaps a jazz trio, classical quartet, cocktail pianist or solo recitalist – themed lunchtimes and mid-week evening performances will liven up the quieter periods.

Many venues request a hire instrument for weddings or performances. The relatively high transport costs make the prospect unattractive. With local musicians aware of your piano, expect bookings for venue hire to increase – especially weddings and celebrations. Musicians are a staple feature for these occasions.


A self-play piano can be played by your resident pianist. Our self-play grand pianos bring the unique experience of a live acoustic piano performance at any time.

Leasing and Finance

Operating lease and hire purchase lease can be arranged as required. Our specialist hospitality and commercial lease plans are a brilliant way to bring a quality fleet of pianos to your venue, restaurant or hotel. Regular termly or annual payments are often far easier to make than a one off impact to the capital budget.

A lease duration of 5-7 years is typical. Ask us for an example or full quotation.

Based on 21 reviews
Mark M
I didn’t buy a piano at the time because my plans have been uncertain for a while and it looks like I have to relocate soon but Chris was so attentive and accommodating that I plan to buy from him as soon as I am in a position to. Top notch service and expertise. Preparation is absolutely immaculate and to your taste if you choose to ask for it. Legendary attention to detail if you are buying - what else do you need to know?
Ian Howlett
I bought a Yamaha YUS5 upright in 2013, and ten years on it’s still going strong, and is playing better than ever, with the tone developing nicely. The service I received at the time was fantastic, including having the showroom to myself to evaluate the pianos. The piano was set up perfectly, which probably helps to explain why I’ve had ten years of trouble-free enjoyment of an excellent instrument. Highly recommended.
I've a piano finish speaker sent to Venables Pianos seeking for their help to repair it. They finished in two weeks and the damaged corners are like new now. Really professional and responsible.
Nathan Sealy
Superb personal service. Couldn't recommend them more.
Leon Ashman
Friendly Family business.
Linda Bitvus
I have just purchased a Venables baby grand piano and am absolutely delighted with the service I have received.In the showroom I was allowed to play all the pianos freely and was given lots of helpful advice. The delivery was excellent and I am a very happy customer.Thank you very much.
Andrew B
I purchased a Yamaha B3 silent from here 6 years ago and it is still a fantastic instrument. The customer service, help and advice given by Will and the team was exceptional.