Yamaha B3E

Yamaha B3E - Yamaha Piano
Yamaha B3E

New Yamaha B3E Upright Piano

Yamaha B3E is a modestly-priced piano whilst providing a stable foundation for a beginner or piano student to develop. The B3E will reveal its qualities in the wider compass with its strong bass and clear treble, coupled with a responsive and hard-wearing action. Yamaha B3E is better than marketed to be.

  • Brand
  • Yamaha
  • Class
  • Upright
  • Series
  • Yamaha B Series
  • Size
  • 121cm
  • Condition
  • New
  • Guide Price
  • £5,070 Call for our best offer
  • Availability
  • In Stock

Yamaha B3E piano review

With physics on its side, as well as an excellent action and scale, the Yamaha B3E piano will perform to a decent standard in tone, range and feel – as the Yamaha B3E has longer strings and greater soundboard area (vs. B1, B2E, P116).

All this piano has in common with the B1 is that it is made by Yamaha in their Jakarta (Indonesia) factory. The rest is directly from the current spec. Professional U1 and P121.

November 2013: Yamaha B3 became new Yamaha B3E featuring a solid spruce soundboard as standard vs 3-ply laminated.

Looking at all 3 models in the B series, the Yamaha B3E delivers the greatest improvement between B1-B2E-B3E and as such, the Yamaha B3E is worth every pound over its siblings.

A much better option than the an example of what has become a glut of refurbished 70’s-80’s U1 which are of earlier and inferior design. Remember, this model is based directly on the current (best) U1 design and is therefore more similar to the current U1 than a pre-1999 U1 can possibly be.

If you want a refinement beyond what is already a great piano, in fair reach – the New Yamaha P121 is an excellent choice to consider.

Select the Yamaha B3E with absolute confidence. It is a very capable piano and represents astonishing value.

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