Yamaha C6

Awaiting preparation: Yamaha C6 6’11” recital grand, conservatoire series, in black high polish. Sold new by Venables Pianos originally in 1996. Outstanding condition, very light domestic use only.

Yamaha C6 grand pianos have a deep bass, colorful tenor and singing treble. The dynamic range is wide and expressive. Ideally, these pianos are suited to a hall or large studio or a home with the acoustic space to appreciate the range in tone. The Yamaha C6 is classed as a recital grand and as such is found in theatres, schools, studios and

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Pre-Owned Yamaha C6 Grand Pianos

Here is a delightful Yamaha C6 grand piano in polished ebony. We originally supplied this instrument 1996 and so know the piano already! Having received light domestic use and been very well looked after, this C6 is in outstanding condition.

Yamaha C6 grand pianos have a beautiful tone with a wide and expressive dynamic range. These large grand pianos are ideally suited to a hall, studio or large room in the home. The large acoustic space of these environments allow you to fully appreciate the vast tonal range. Classed as a recital grand, it’s no surprise that the Yamaha C6 is found in performance venues such as theatres, schools and churches globally. You can find out more about Yamaha Grand Pianos at https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/pianos/grand_pianos/index.htm

The build quality and materials used are of a very high standard. Yamaha Conservatoire series grand pianos are highly regarded for this reason. The bridge is vertically-laminated, made of maple and mahogany with a rock maple cap and boxwood top treble cap. The soundboard is solid quarter-sawn Alaskan sitka spruce, with high density of annual rings. Impregnated hammers with fine felt, underfelt and mahogany mouldings. Octagonal hammer shanks with barrel shaped treble shanks. Keytops are finished with WPC sharps and Ivorite naturals. The rim of the C6 wider offering greater strength and rigidity for superior power and stability.

The new Yamaha C6 is a model C6X and commands £33,085. This pre-owned example represents a significant saving.

What’s included in this Yamaha C6 for sale?

Our offer price includes: full service before delivery; elite piano preparation; ground floor mainland UK delivery; solo adjustable piano stool; first after sales tuning; 5 year guarantee.
You can appreciate this comprehensive package assures you of outstanding service from us and the piano!

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