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Yamaha P116

Yamaha P116

New Yamaha P116 Upright Piano

Yamaha P116 satisfies need for modest dimensions whilst refining the standard, and these refinements deliver a clearer, richer and more sustaining tone.

£6,029 £5,270

Yamaha P116 piano review

The Yamaha P116 has a pleasing tone that is clear in the upper mid and treble registers and a balanced bass.

Providing a material upgrade to the smaller and lower-priced Yamaha model B2E, the Yamaha P116 has a superior soundboard, hammers and bridge to the B2E whilst retaining a neat footprint. These refinements deliver a clearer, richer and more sustaining tone, The touch is a little more responsive too.

Whilst the lower mid and bass registers are clear, there is less depth and pronunciation compared with 121cm (height) models and you may wish to consider the (lower priced) B3E or upgrade to the higher performing P121. If the neat footprint of the P116 is less of an importance, by opting for the B3E or P121, you will benefit also from a superior touch as the deeper cabinet accomodates a deeper keyboard in turn providing greater leverage.

Yamaha P116 satisfies need for modest dimensions whilst refining the standard.

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  • FREE Onsite Tuning and Check Allowing time to settle 4-8 weeks after delivery our local aftercare technician will fine tune and check your Yamaha P116 piano.
  • FREE Klassik adjustable piano stool A solo, height adjustable piano stool with a quality padded seat, ensures comfort and correct posture at your new piano.
  • FREE 5 year guarantee Your new Yamaha P116 will have a comprehensive guarantee, covering parts and labour. (2yrs on electronics where applicable i.e. silent/disklavier).

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