Yamaha Premium Grand Pianos are handcrafted by elite craftsman to the highest standards. The selecting the finest materials, components and hand crafting these premium grand pianos is why the combination of Yamaha’s legendary design, build and quality standards results in outstanding instruments time after time.

SX series and A.R.E.

The SX series are superior to the CX models 3, 5, 6 and 7 with an incredible development of artificially aging the rim and soundboard for the tonal advantage of matured timber with the longevity and integrity benefits of new. A new design of hammer was created to match the unique tone qualities of A.R.E. These instruments have a wonderful warm and resonant timbre.

CF series Concert Pianos

The world-class CF concert pianos are featured in concert halls and music institutions around the World. Arguably one of the most successful modern grand piano series to break the mould and storm the platforms with unparalleled projection, clarity and warmth. It is highly unusual to achieve this degree of range with refinement and balance in tone – through the entire compass of the instrument. 3 sizes to suit applications: 6’3″ chamber grand, 6’11” recital grand and 9′ concert grand.

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