Venables & Son Pianos

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High quality, exclusive pianos crafted with our very own component specification.

Chris Venables has supplied thousands of quality pianos to music institutions, concert halls, professionals and piano students. A key reason for this success is the bespoke setup, preparation and voicing service offered by Venables.

Making appreciable improvements to the tone and touch of these “off the shelf” pianos gave them extra dimension and individuality otherwise lacking.

Building on this principle, using the feedback we received from a broad spectrum of artists, teachers and talented pupils, the logical step forward was to create Venables & Son pianos. The benefits from having the freedom to be able to select from individual designs, and our own component specification, such as hammer heads and soundboard materials are huge. The result is a range of affordable pianos with exceptional tone and touch as well as elegant cabinetry in both modern and traditional styling.

Our pianos have a broad, rich tonal characteristic with emphasis on purity, depth and sustain. The precision-engineered actions, crafted from quality traditional materials (no plastic parts) are medium-weighted, responsive and reliable.

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