Petrof Pianos

Petrof Piano Factory

Petrof Piano Factory in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Petrof Pianos are completely European, hand crafted in Czech Republic since 1864.

The mid-price upright and grand piano maker of Europe, Petrof build their pianos from entirely European materials. We regard this to be exclusive to Petrof. Other piano makers may use lower grade materials and source lower-cost components from the far east… despite charging more and making a greater noise about being “European”. With this in mind, Petrof represent remarkable value.

The Romantic Sound. We love the warm bass, dark tenor and clear, long-sustaining treble of Petrof pianos. Premium Renner hammers coupled with a superb fine-grained premium spruce soundboards, makes for the characteristic tone of the Petrof piano. With the upgraded Renner-Petrof actions, the touch is exceptional also.

Additionally to their legendary tonal character and true European build, Petrof piano have a wide range of cabinet styles and finishes to grace any home. Ask us for more information or continue to browse the beautiful range of Petrof Pianos.

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