coming soon… Bosendorfer 170 Grand Piano

A c1978 Bosendorfer 170 5’7″ grand piano in a high gloss black finish with original ivory keys. In excellent original condition. Bosendorfer Pianos are rare due to high value, low production quantities and long manufacturing process.

coming soon… Bosendorfer 170 Grand Piano

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A 1978 Bosendorfer 170 5’7″ grand piano in a black high gloss. In superb original condition. Available reconditioned or fully serviced.

Bosendorfer are one of the finest piano marques. Uniquely crafted to the highest standard in Vienna Austria with naturally dried slow grown spruce, soundboard grade spruce for the rim, fallboard and keybed. Each string is individually strung and not a returning string. The bass strings are hand wound. The capo bar in the treble is independent from the frame; the bass bridge is low mass, to improve response and low frequency conduction.

Bosendorfer Pianos sing with a perfect clarity and definition. The resonance in the tenor is exceptionally warm. The treble is musical – pure and melodic, free from distortion and excessive partials. The bass tone is famously dark, warm and ‘fundamental’ – almost ‘sine wave’ purity.

The 170cm / 5’8″ Bosendorfer 170 is a superb instrument delivering a truly unique experience and absolutely a rare find.

  • Original ivory keytops and ebony sharps – in superb condition.
  • Keys will be rebushed, cleaned, polished;
  • Keyframe pins cleaned, polished and lubricated;
  • Pedal box serviced;
  • Action fully serviced: regulated, lubricated, cleaned;
  • Cabinet polished –  free from scratches and imperfections;
  • Thoroughly regulated, voiced, tuned and checked;
  • The strings will be rubbed and the hammers re-shaped. All hammer shank/flange centres will be checked and re-pinned if necessary.
  • Whilst it is not necessary, if you wish – we can fully restring this instrument and install new hammers and rollers.

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