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Yamaha CF4 and CF6

Yamaha Premium Grand Pianos: CF4 and CF6

We encourage you to try a piano before buying and have the reassurance that the piano you buy is the right piano for you.

Not all piano showrooms prepare every piano equally. Is the difference you hear and feel exaggerated by their state of preparation? Is there actually that much of a genuine improvement in the quality and characteristics?

We personally prepare each model in our showroom to the highest standards, in addition to the work the manufacturer has done. Primarily attention to the hammers by toning to a neutral voice with consistency, fine tuning and then precisely regulating the action. This ensures an honest performance from each model as they are prepared in the same manner, so you hear and feel the true differences.

How else is our showroom service unique?

The ideal way to choose a piano is in private. A quiet room, without the disturbance of other customers.

Simply telephone us to arrange a mutually convenient date and the showrooms are exclusively yours without obligation.

We will introduce our range of pianos to you and leave you to play in privacy. Our offices are on the floor above, so you can buzz for assistance and help is at hand as and when you require, from a technician. We do not employ salesmen.

Piano Showroom Hampshire

Our showrooms on two floors have been specially selected for their acoustic qualities and easy access. We have a variety of sizes of room with acoustics to resemble those found in the home.

We are an entirely family-run business and as technicians our wealth of technical knowledge can give a helping hand in understanding pianos, so you can be confident in making your own decision.

Our carefully selected range of Grand and Upright pianos ensures you a high quality instrument at our Guaranteed Discounted Price.

Private Parking for our clients is available right outside the showroom entrance.

Piano House

Piano House

Please telephone prior to visiting our showrooms.

Our private selection service is operated on an informal appointment basis to ensure dedicated time and sole use of the showrooms. As there may be occasions when we may not have the particular models you would like to see, or if we are supervising a delivery, we recommend that you make an appointment.