Yamaha Premium Grand Pianos

Yamaha Premium Pianos are the finest instruments from the Yamaha piano collection, combining innovation, meticulous material selection and true craftsmanship.

Yamaha S series grand pianos are more responsive to the touch and deliver a warmer and more refined tone than the main production CX series. Featuring a unique size to the premium range, 6’3″, S4-BB and CF4 models deliver a superior bass yet retain subtlety, being well suited to the home, tuition, chamber work and solo/group accompaniment. The 6’11” sized S6-BB and CF6 models are ideal for larger spaces, ensemble accompaniment and piano recitals.

Yamaha Premium Pianos are highly regarded in the music academies, concert halls and recording studios, additionally to being prized possessions in artists’ homes.

Venables have unparalleled experience in high-end Yamaha grand pianos and excel in elite piano preparation. This knowledge and expertise assures you of a superb instrument, prepared to its absolute best, additionally to technically-accurate advice in the piano selection process.

Venables have a belief in stocking a premium grand at our Hampshire piano showrooms, with the facility to introduce you to a premium piano selection from a range of S / CF series grands at Yamaha UK.

Final bespoke preparation at our showrooms before delivery.

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