Yamaha Disklavier (Self-Play) Pianos

Yamaha Disklavier E3 Pianos

Yamaha Disklavier E3 Pianos

We are the most experienced independent Yamaha piano specialist in the UK – having supplied and serviced new Yamaha pianos since 1983. We were one of the first appointed “Yamaha Disklavier Centres”.

Yamaha Disklavier E3

The ‘E3’ Silent Disklavier system, provides record and playback functionality with simple control-panel and remote control, integrated CD reader for PianoSoft Plus Audio disks, USB memory port and live ‘streaming’ Disklavier radio feature via internet direct connection (2 channels Free, one of which is a sampler; over 25 channels by monthly or annual subscription see www.yamahamusicsoft.com for current pricing).

Purchase Yamaha “PianoSoft” music files for your piano at www.yamahamusicsoft.com, or compatible piano midi files from a variety of online sources (including pianola piano roll conversions) downloaded to you PC/Mac then transfer to piano either by USB pen or via home network using FromToPc function to the piano’s hard drive.

The Silent facility allows the silencing of the instrument acoustically for play via headphones or speakers using the onboard digital piano… or over 480 other instrument voices (XG tone generator module) or better still, these can be layered over live piano! The PianoSoft Plus CD-Audio Disks control the piano performance and play real audio orchestration (not MIDI sequenced) such as vocals etc. (external speakers can be connected).

Disklavier AppYamaha have released a free ipad/iphone/ipod-touch Disklavier app, to allow you to easily control your Disklavier piano with the familiar interface of your Apple™ i-device
more information at itunes.apple.com

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