Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha piano’s high standard of build and finishing results in a consistently good piano. A balanced tone and feel with appeal to a wide piano market, the Yamaha piano is officially the most popular piano in the World.

Notably, from 1999 – Yamaha pianos have a more suited tone for the European market. Previously, the tone was regarded as too ‘clinical’ with little character and less depth in the bass and lower tenor registers than was desirable. Significant improvements in Yamaha’s design of their pianos have resulted in a deeper tone, improved clarity and sustain, coupled with a wide dynamic range that has become Yamaha piano’s trademark.

The tonal character of Yamaha pianos is clear, neutral and projective. As highly experienced piano technicians preparing new Yamaha pianos since 1984, we can acheive the optimum level of brilliance to capture the classic Yamaha Piano sound.

We are Yamaha Piano’s most experienced independent piano specialist in the UK holding multiple Yamaha Piano Top Dealer Awards and ranked as Yamaha’s Top Piano Dealer. We know Yamaha pianos better than other suppliers – so you can be sure to recieve accurate advice and information, the highest standard of piano preparation and through our established aftercare technician network, local service – where ever you are in mainland UK.

Our Yamaha Piano Showroom in Hampshire displays a comprehensive range of new Yamaha pianos from their upright, grand, silent and Disklavier series, all superbly prepared.

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