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We are an award-winning Top Yamaha Piano Dealer - as skilled technicians preparing, supplying and maintaining new Yamaha upright pianos since 1981.

Our clients buy their new Yamaha upright piano from Venables because they are confident that we have the highest standards of piano preparation, are extremely competitive on price and have a unique aftercare technician network ensuring 'local' service, nationwide.

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Our new Yamaha SU7 upright piano review

Without question, this is the most lyrical-voiced upright we have ever heard. The rich tone of the Yamaha SU7 is smooth and full of character. Distinctively pure and clear bass, warm tenor and a really 'pearly' treble - just like a grand. Incredible!

As for the touch - well, the Yamaha SU7 features keys of the same length as found in grand pianos, so the extended leverage results in an espacially balanced and controlled touch enabling a far wider range of expression than usually possible in an upright.... and of course, Yamaha actions are reputed to be the best in the World, so you have every reason to have the highest expectations!

Superbly crafted, using the highest quality materials throughout - the Yamaha SU7 is truly a fine instrument in every respect.

So visit us to try this piano! Yes, we actually do have the Yamaha SU7 in stock, personally prepared by us to the highest possible standard, ready to impress you!


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