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Acoustic pianos

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Acoustic Piano

The oldest trick of the trade is to suggest a tired or used budget piano that was acquired for next to nothing in a part-exchange, as ideal for grade 2 or 3. It is as simple as this: a piano either works properly - consistently and reliably, at concert pitch, or it doesn't. Even to complete grade 1, the piano must work properly.

Essential Acoustic Piano Information and Advice

It helps to know what has happened in the acoustic piano manufacturing industry over the past 25 years: When looking at a range of acoustic pianos, do you know what you should be looking for? Are older pianos better? If an old acoustic piano is rebuilt will it actually last as long as a new acoustic piano? Are rebuilt pianos worth as much as they're sold for? Find out... "Bluthners have a soft and mellow tone." "Yamahas sound bright and clear."
However, whilst each piano may have its unique tonal character, the amount of tonal brilliance (bright-soft) is controlled by the skilled art of 'voicing' the acoustic piano. The piano's touch sensitivity and resistance can be adjusted too, by precision action regulation. We offer a unique service to ensure your new or nearly-new acoustic piano is set-up to your preference and for peak performance.

Let's talk about acoustic pianos!

You prefer to get advice on what acoustic piano is best for you, so pick up the phone and call us! We want you to get the best advice on buying an acoustic piano.

Better still, if you want to visit our piano shop in Hampshire to try our acoustic pianos, we'll give you the whole shop full of pianos all to yourself to play, free from an audience! Call us on 01425 476644

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